The Arts


Students reviewed the word collage and learned new words, such as solitary and nocturnal. They created their owl collage. By doing this art project students practiced their cutting, ripping, and gluing skills.


Students are learning about Pablo Picasso’s life and his paintings. Students are incorporating different art techniques in creating their own art pieces, such as collage and painting. In the end, students made their own “Hand with Flowers” painting by using construction paper, tissue paper, and paint.

Mixed Media

Students experimented working with different materials such as shaving cream and watercolors. They are learning about colors and shapes. In the end, students created authentic and colorful art works.  This fun activity is also therapeutic because it meets our students’ sensory needs.

Mixing Liquids

Students explored working with different materials such as cooking oil, watercolors, and water. They are also learning about colors and about the different densities of liquids. Finally, by mixing all three liquids together students made unique pieces of abstract art. This fun art activity is also effective in fulfilling sensory needs in our students.