The children are learning about how the Earth changes over time due to erosion.  Each student was given a container and some soil and were given the task of spraying the soil with a spray bottle, which demonstrated how water erodes the soil.  Ms. Barry's class (Y15) then used their individual Dynamic Display Speech Generating Devices to locate key vocabulary words for the lesson.  

Students design and make simple electrical systems as they develop solutions to make a fan spin. They investigate how the parts of their electrical systems interact and function together.

Students from Ms. Berzanski's, Ms. Ferber's, Ms. Izaguire's, Ms.Mintz's, and Ms.Steven's classes visited the New York Hall of Science with their science teacher, Mr. Hicks. While at the Hall of Science, they engaged in activities and viewed exhibits involving light, sound, colors, and evolution. They also watched a 3-D movie about weather and climate. Everyone’s favorite part of the trip however, was playing with the bubbles.

What's Inside a Lima Bean Seed?

Students from Ms. Izaguirre's class dissected Lima bean seeds. They identified the seed coat (the protective covering that surrounds the seed), peeled it off, opened the seed, and identified the embryo (the baby plant).

The Waterwheel Challenge

Students from Ms. Ferber's class design and construct simple waterwheels. They use water to power their waterwheels to lift objects. They refine their designs with each trial and determine how many syringes of water it takes to lift an object a specified distance.