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From The Principal

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Dear Parents,

It is a pleasure to welcome you and your children to the 2019 - 2020 school year at P4Q.

I look forward to an educationally productive and a happy year for your children.  The standards of education continue to change and become more challenging with each year.  We ask that you share the responsibility with us - participate in parent workshops, PTA, events in your child's classroom and the Learning Environment Survey.  The school staff considers itself to be part of your family community, with the same goals in mind for "our" children.

I look forward to meeting you at various events throughout the year.

Please call us if there are any issues or concerns and we will help in any way we can.  Parents may email me at AQuinlan@schools.nyc.gov.

Alison Quinlan

November 27, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians;

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays! I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting and seeing many of you throughout my 8 months as Principal. Some of you may have noticed or heard from your child that I am expecting a baby girl in the beginning of December. I would like to take a moment and update you about my maternity leave, which will take place once the baby arrives anytime from now through early December. Barring any complications, I will return to my duties in the beginning of February.

In my absence Ms. Marcy Berger, the former Principal, along with Dr. Jude Arthur, the Network Liaison, will be stepping into my role assisting with the daily operations of P4Q. The Assistant Principals, listed below by site, will be in contact with Ms. Berger and Dr. Arthur. I will continue to be updated by my administrative team.

I assure you that your child’s education, safety and wellbeing will continue to be the focus of P4Q in my absence.

Best regards,

Alison Quinlan, Principal


Assistant Principals:

Vincent Rocco – 179 & 270

Alexandria Markovich – 179

Jacqueline Berman – 213 & 138

Stephen Reese - Skillman