Physical Education 179 

Jump Rope for Heart 2019


This month students continued to played hockey.  Their hockey stick skills are improving and we are noticing more passing and better shot selection at the goal. They seem to really enjoy the activity. Students are placed throughout the gym. They are instructed to remain in their boxes. Staying in their box allows every student an equal chance to shoot or pass the puck. Being confined to specific areas also prevents students from running into each other. We have gotten positive feedback from the students about our hockey unit.

Kickball and Running at 179

For the months of November and December, students will be participating in our kickball unit. Students will be learning how to play the game correctly.  We will be kicking and running to each base while learning the important rules of the game!

See our students running in the Achilles Kids program.  Our yearly goal is 26.2 Miles!! Each of our students are working very hard to meet their goal!!