Ms. Zaloga's Class


First we read the story from the Unique program, “Out Sam’s Window” by Jen Voight and the book, “Papa, please get the moon for me” by Eric Carle.

Second we looked out our window and looked at the sky.  We talked about the sun. We used construction paper shaped into circle and triangles. We pasted it together to make our own sun.  We counted the rays we used on each sun.

Third we talked about the night sky with moon and stars.  We sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and stuck stickers of a crescent moon and stars onto black construction paper.  We counted the stars each student decided to use on their starry night.

Fourth we talked about planets and made our own with paint and shaving cream.

Last we made spaceships.  We decorated our spaceship with markers, highlighters, dot paint, glue and construction paper. The children played with them by trying to make them fly.