Ms. Barry's Class

Apple Scented Play Doh

"Students in Class Y15 participate in a weekly group speech lesson taught by Speech and Language therapist Ms. Gentile and classroom teacher Ms. Barry. In September, the class has been collaborating to make apple scented Play Doh."


Ms. Barry's Class Y15 and Speech Therapist Ms. Gentile began a collaboration with Ms. Falco's 5th grade class from PS 213.  Ms. Falco's classroom is also on the third floor and her students often see us in the hallway.  Ms. Barry and Ms. Gentile visited the 5th graders to teach them a little about autism, answered their questions, and showed them how some of our students use technology to communicate.

Our two classrooms will be partnering through the spring by inviting a few 5th graders into our classroom each week to get to know us and to join in our learning! Before vacation, we took advantage of a beautiful day and all went to the playground together.  We are all excited about this new collaboration!!

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

Class Y15 celebrated National Pancake Day by reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Joffrey Numeroff and by eating pancakes and maple syrup. 

Black History Month

February was Black History Month and class Y15 spent the month reading books that feature African American characters and books about famous African Americans. 


Ms. Barry's Class went to Jib Lanes on a bowling field trip with Mr. Ryan. Students had fun practicing their bowling skills!  Some of the boys used their dynamic display speech output devices to talk about bowling.

Making a Sticky Sand

Every Friday, during 3rd period, one of our speech teachers "pushes in" to class Y15 to co-teach a lesson with the classroom teacher.  This co-teaching lesson incorporates hands-on learning with opportunities for social interaction and language exchange.  So far, this year, the class has made Play-Doh, Slime, and now, Sticky Sands.