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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched a short-term Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program, which will provide reduced cost broadband internet service for eligible New York City households during the COVID-19 pandemic. All families with a student enrolled in a DOE school or program are eligible for this benefit, and funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis until the program has exhausted available funds or six months after the US Department of Health and Human services declares an end to the COVID-19 health emergency.

Families can find out if they are eligible, apply for the program, and find participating broadband providers via the USAC website. There are two types of benefits available to eligible households:

Monthly Benefit: a discount of up to $50/month for broadband service, equipment, and device rentals; or 

One-time Device Discount: up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (with a co-payment of $10 - $50), where available. 



Dear Families,
Last year, a police officer put his knee on George Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds, but to me, it felt like an eternity.
I felt pain and rage, deep in my bones. It wasn’t a new feeling. I have felt that many times in my life, as a Black woman, sister, daughter, and mother to Black children—and as an educator who has served children of color in this city for more than 20 years.
That pain, rage, and fear has been present throughout the trial of the officer who killed George Floyd. I feel like I have been watching George Floyd die again and again, renewing the tragedy each time, as the jury and the nation have confronted what happened in the pursuit of justice for Mr. Floyd—and the family who is forced to go on without him.
And now, the first step toward justice has been served.
For me as a Black woman, for my brothers, for my mother and aunts who lost their brother to police violence, getting to justice is so important.
For our Black and brown children to know that they matter, the accountability this verdict represents is so important.
In a world that too often tells them otherwise, accountability in this moment tells the Black and brown children in our schools that their lives matter, and lifts up the importance of their futures.



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ALL DOE employees, visitors, and families must complete a health screening before entering DOE facilities. This health screening must be completed on each day of arrival. This health screening can also be completed online at: Upon entering the facility, if you have not completed the online health you will be asked to provide responses to the questions below.



The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) is proposing to open and co-locate a new elementary school site of the existing multi-sited District 75 school, P.S. Q004 (75Q004), to be called P004Q@Q070, in building Q070 beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. P.S. Q004 is an existing multi- sited District 75 school currently serving students in grades K-8 across Queens. Building Q070 is located at 30-44 43rd Street, Queens, NY 11103 in Community School District 30, referred to as District 30.

If this proposal is approved, P004@Q070 will open and be co-located with P.S. 70 (30Q070), referred to as P.S. 70, an existing zoned district elementary school, serving students in grades K-5 and offering a pre- Kindergarten program.

A co-location means that two or more school organizations are located in the same building and may share common spaces, such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, libraries, and cafeterias.



February 26, 2021
Dear P.S. Q004 Families,
I am writing to share that the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) has posted a proposal to open and co-locate a new elementary site of P.S. Q004 (75Q004) in building Q070, to be called P004Q@Q070, beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. Building Q070 is located at 30-44 43rd Street, Queens, NY 11103 in Community School District 30. A co-location means that two or more schools are located in the same building and may share common spaces, such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, libraries, and cafeterias. This proposal must be voted on and approved by the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) prior to implementation.
NYCDOE does not anticipate that, if approved, this proposal will impact any of the P.S. Q004 sites that your child(ren) currently attend(s).



Meisha Porter Appointed Chancellor of NYC Public Schools

February 26, 2021

Dear Families,
I hope you and your families are keeping safe and healthy. I’m writing today with some important news. After three years leading the DOE, I will be stepping down as Chancellor in March.

I am full of mixed emotions to leave the DOE family. It has been the honor of my career to serve you, and help your child’s school and our whole system get closer to reaching its full potential. The strength and resilience of your children—our 1 million students—is awe-inspiring. It is what drove me through this unprecedented crisis, and it is what I take with me as I leave this post. The commitment and support you have shown to your children, and to your school communities, is incredible.

Throughout my career, my guiding light has been the belief that public education is the most powerful equalizer for children. Public education anchors communities. Public education makes it possible for a child who is poor, or who lives in temporary housing, or—in my own case—who doesn’t speak English when they enter the public school system to develop their dreams, and then to chase them. Truly, it is public education that expresses the highest ideals of our democracy. My time in New York City has only strengthened this belief, as I have seen it play out time and again, in schools all across the boroughs.



In order for your child to return to in-person learning, you must submit the consent form for in-school COVID-19 testing by the first day your child returns to their school building.3K, Pre-K, and Kindergarten students are excluded from random testing.

  • Submitting consent have your child tested for COVID-19 in school is quick and easy. If you have already submitted consent, we encourage you to do so again to ensure your student has the latest form on file. There are two easy ways to submit:

  • Fill out the form online using a New York City Schools Account (NYCSA)



What is this form? We are seeking your consent to test your child for COVID-19 infection.The New York City Department of Education(NYC DOE), working with NYC Health + Hospitals and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, has partnered with laboratories and other providers to test NYC DOE students, teachers, and staff members for COVID-19 infection.

For more information and/or to access consent forms in other languages, use the "more info" link below.

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We believe that all students can learn and are entitled to be provided with the best education possible. To this end, we endeavor to foster an educational environment that takes into account the needs, interests and abilities of the individual student.​

We recognize our responsibility to promote positive awareness among our student body and develop those educational skills which will maximize and enhance the potential for student academic achievement in all curriculum areas.​

Further, we believe it our responsibility to prepare students so that upon exiting school, they will be equipped with the necessary academic and vocational skills to become successful, productive citizens in our society.​

Finally, we recognize that this should be accomplished in partnership between home, school and community.

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Ms. A. Quinlan

Assistant Principals

Ms. J. Dorenbosch, P4Q@179 & P4Q@161

Mr. V. Rocco, P4Q@179 & P4Q@270

Ms. J. Berman, P4Q138 and P4Q@213

Mr. S. Reese, P4Q@Skillman

Site Coordinators

N. Bucella/T. Whitney, P4@179 

R. Petrowski, P4@213 

S. Rodriguez, P4@270 

S. Seo, P4@161 

E. Rosenberry, P4@Skillman 

V. O'neill, P4@138 

Parent Coordinator

V. Murray 

Data/IEP/Testing Coordinator

J. Berzansky  

D75 Borough

Field Support Center Liaison

Dr. Jude Arthur



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